DeBow Wildlife Service

De Bow Wildlife Service

Founded in 1996, DeBow Wildlife Service provides wildlife control and removal services to central New Hampshire. Specializing in bat and squirrel control, we utilize the “exclusion” method of removal. DeBow Wildlife also safely removes raccoons, skunks, woodchucks, and other wildlife that may find its way into your home.

After years working with state and federal agencies for wildlife control solutions, owner Paul DeBow recognized the need and growing demand for a local, hands-on wildlife control professional in New Hampshire’s lakes region. With a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management and years of experience working with the USDA, APHIS, Wildlife Services, and over a decade as a biological technician/wildlife biologist, Paul has the skill and expertise to handle all manner of problem wildlife.

DeBow Wildlife Service is currently listed with the National Wildlife Control Operators Association as a Certified Wildlife Control Operator, and is a member of the NH Trappers Association and the National Trappers Association.

When you need wildlife control, call DeBow Wildlife Service.