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De Bow Wildlife Service

Specializing in bat and squirrel control, DeBow Wildlife Service offers extensive wildlife control and removal services to central New Hampshire. We utilize the “exclusion” method of removal, which minimizes harm to the animal while still removing it from you home. Through exclusion, we seal up all possible entry points to your attic, walls, eaves or other areas of your home. The creature's main entrance will be sealed with a one-way exit device which allows the bat or squirrel to exit the building and prevents re-entry. Once we’re sure the animal(s) have left the building, we’ll return and seal up the hole completely.

Additional steps are taken during nesting seasons to prevent immature animals from being separated from their adults.

DeBow Wildlife offers

    • Trapping and Exclusion for
      • Bats
      • Squirrels
      • Raccoons
      • Skunks
      • Woodchucks
      • Beavers
      • ... and other wildlife that may find its way into your home
    • Prevention
    • Chimney cap installation
    • Installation of Frightening devices for Canada geese, wood peckers

When you need wildlife control, call DeBow Wildlife Service.